an Unbeatable Compensation Package

Pay & Benefits

If you’re eager to work, NASCO is eager to reward you. It’s that simple.

From the top down, we maintain a culture where the values of mutual respect, strong work ethic and positive support run consistent throughout the entire team.

Pay & Benefits

Highly Competitive Pay + Benefits

In addition to competitive pay, team members hired to join NASCO are eligible to receive the following benefits following their first 30 days of service:

Bonus-Pay Opportunities

  • Annual profit sharing bonus
  • Annual productivity bonus based on:
    • Production output
    • Quality performance

Insurance & Retirement Plans

  • Major medical / hospitalization
  • Paid short-term disability*
  • Long-term disability* (employee paid)
  • Paid dental + vision
  • Paid accidental death
  • Paid life Insurance
  • 401(k) contributions

Guaranteed Pay for Special Absences, Including:

  • Bereavement (immediate family)
  • Jury duty

Holiday Benefits

  • 10 paid holidays
  • Paid vacation time

Annual Recreational Benefits

  • Employee Appreciation Event

*Eligibility begins after 90 days with NASCO