Comprehensive Testing

As consumers impress an unending demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles on automotive OEMs, the demand to get more performance using less material—without sacrificing quality—is pushed down to component suppliers. And NASCO is up for the challenge, with merciless testing capabilities that reinforce the promise of groundbreaking design solutions.

Sophisticated Design Analysis Reduces Cost

NASCO combines the most advanced product lifecycle management (PLM) software with the industry’s deepest testing-results database, and places it all in the hands of the most experienced product engineers in the field.

This enables NASCO to conduct fully simulated stress tests in the lab, and hold the results against a hybrid expert-intuitive, yet historical-data-driven, evaluation process that effectively short-circuits the prototype-development phase.

Bottom line, you get a faster and more cost-efficient path to production.


Redundant Inspection Ensures Quality

On the NASCO production floor, multiple QC checks—from spring-load to powder-coat paint testing, and everything in between—confirms that your suspension and transmission springs go out the door precisely according to your dimensional, performance and life-cycle specifications.